Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Something very exciting has happened! Daymented loves me and Grover so much that she made a whole page just for us! WOW!
I hope we get to meet her someday. Mommy thinks she's fab (and cute!) and I'd give her extra special licks all over her face.
I got so excited when I saw all those pictures of how adorable I am (oh yeah, Grover is pretty cute, too) that I wore myself out running around. Now I'm going to climb on the window sill and see if the dancing guy is there. Then I'm going to go to sleep.
Mommy forgot to give us our meat this morning. I don't know if this ever happened before. I know there is a whole bowl of dry food in the kitchen, but I want my raw meat!
She better remember tonight or I'll be mad. Grover said she wouldn't forget. Oh well.
OK, nap time! It's hard to be a star.

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