Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Happy 1st Birthday Piglet!

I am glad you are my brother.

Even if you are very annoying and a big brat and you smell like mushrooms.


Today is my birthday! I am one year old!
Grover was five years old on June 7th but who cares.
I heard mom talking about all sorts of cool toys for me. I think she is going to give them to me later.
I'm really so excited. I think I'll sleep most of the day so I have lots of energy to play with myfun stuff later. Then again, I sleep most of the day every day anyway.
I hope she gets me a live mouse. YAY!
Grover is very loud today and he keeps calling me so I'm going to see what he wants.

Monday, June 16, 2003

We had a good weekend. Mostly we sat on cushions on the window sill and watched the pigeons and took naps and ate. We also chased each other around a lot and tried to scratch a hole in the floor. I just know I heard another mouse under there.

My birthday is tomorrow. I will be one year old. Grover's birthday was June 7th and he was five years old. How can I be bigger than him if he's older than me?

Sunday, June 8, 2003

OK, Grover let me sleep near him. Not NEXT to him, but near him. I really think he likes me better since we played with the mouse.
Yesterday I got a bath. I don't mind baths too much (I like to play with the yellow duck) but I do mind getting my ears cleaned. I hate it. Afterwards I scratch and scratch my ears.
I hate nail-clipping more than ear-cleaning.
Mostly I hate getting my butt wiped with baby wipes every time I go poo. I don't know why I always have a poopy butt, but I wish they'd just leave me alone about it. It's embarrassing!

Thursday, June 5, 2003

I think Grover might be getting closer to letting me snuggle him. The past two nights (since we played with the mouse together) he has been a little nicer to me and he slept on the bed against mommy's head instead of all the way across the room on the trunk like he usually does.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Wow! Grover and I had the BEST time last night!
We found a mouse in the kitchen! I had never seen one before. It was so much fun.
We played hockey with it. Then we played catch with it. Then we played "stomp on the mouse" with it!
Then we heard screams (mom) and yells (Ali) and we couldn't understand what the fuss was about.
We didn't want to leave the mouse because we weren't done playing with it. But, since it had stopped moving (and since Ali squirted us about fifty times with Mr. Black while saying "GET AWAY FROM THE MOUSE, BOYS!") we ran into the bedroom to tell mommy how much fun we just had.
When Ali came into the bedroom, we ran back into the kitchen to get the mouse to bring it to mom for a present. But it was gone. We were so sad. I know mommy would have loved us bringing her a present.
I hope we find another one for her.

Monday, June 2, 2003

This weekend I was mean to my mom. I paid no attention to her at all. I wouldn't even sleep with her like I usually do.
I tried to spend as much time as possible snuggling anything but my mom.
Every time she tried to pick me up or talk to me I'd turn my head and pretend she wasn't there. It was funny!
Last night though, mom got really upset that I wouldn't sleep with her and wouldn't play with her. She said, "Piggers hates me!" and she looked sad.
After that, it wasn't so much fun any more.
So, I climbed under the covers and snuggled against her belly like usual and that was the end of that.