Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Wow! Grover and I had the BEST time last night!
We found a mouse in the kitchen! I had never seen one before. It was so much fun.
We played hockey with it. Then we played catch with it. Then we played "stomp on the mouse" with it!
Then we heard screams (mom) and yells (Ali) and we couldn't understand what the fuss was about.
We didn't want to leave the mouse because we weren't done playing with it. But, since it had stopped moving (and since Ali squirted us about fifty times with Mr. Black while saying "GET AWAY FROM THE MOUSE, BOYS!") we ran into the bedroom to tell mommy how much fun we just had.
When Ali came into the bedroom, we ran back into the kitchen to get the mouse to bring it to mom for a present. But it was gone. We were so sad. I know mommy would have loved us bringing her a present.
I hope we find another one for her.