Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Which Grover Has The Last Snore

Here is where I prefer to spend my Sunday mornings.


It's Grover.

Listen, my mom doesn't seem to understand that when I am snoring it means I am SLEEPING and when she pokes me to make me stop snoring, it wakes me up, which sort of defeats the purpose of SLEEPING, doesn't it? It very much ANNOYS me when she POKES me all night to get me to stop snoring.

Also, it's futile, isn't it, if I go right back to snoring a few moments after she pokes me, right?

But she does not get this.

She is all poke, poke, poke, rub, rub, rub, Grover, shhhh...Grover...shhh...all night long.

However, in a funny twist of fate, and further proof that God loves cats (and has a sense of humor),
I feel I have my revenge.

See that guy up there? Yeah, he snores, too. Worse than me!

So, now it's all poke, poke, poke, rub, rub, rub, James, Grover, James, Grover...shhhh.. James, Grover...all night long!

Ha ha ha, mom! Joke's on you!



P.S. Hi, it's Piggy...listen, there is a box of something called BreatheRight Strips next to the bed and my mom kept saying she wishes they made them for Grover-sized noses, so ha ha ha Grover, if I were you, I'd sleep with one eye open! Love, Piggy

P.P.S. Hi, it's Grover. Really, Piggy? Really? Bitch, please!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh Em Eff Gee, We Missed You!


Thank you. Over and over, thank you.

Our mom is still working through all the emails and comments and so appreciates each and every one. A plethora of them came through the Cat-Blog-O-Sphere and we are all very overwhelmed and honored by your concern and prayers! She wishes she could thank and hug you all in person and let you know how much it means to have so many people she's never even met in person supporting her in healing and wishing her well!

And, it worked!

We're back to life here and getting used to a new normal. A slower mom, but that's OK.

Mom's now fully diagnosed and under the care of good doctors. She's on meds for hypothyroidism (even though she disappeared before our eyes by losing 15 pounds for no reason), and hypertension, and has CKD. She's feeling good and back to work, and still taking it easy.

And, newsflash, we are now allowed to sleep in the bedroom again! We had been banned. Can you believe that?

Piggy blames me, because I snore and our mom hates repetitive noises, especially when she's sleeping. But I blame Piggy because he gets up a lot at night to poop and pee and drink water from the toilet and crunch dry food loudly and then get back in bed.

Now, you tell me, which is more annoying...a bald, pink thing drinking from the toilet and THEN getting back into bed and LICKING AND PATTING YOUR FACE...or, a delicate breathing sound emanating from a woolly, black, bat-like, kitten-sized Devon Rex who is brilliant and svelte?

I rest my case.

Anyway, she needs uninterrupted sleep now, and her attempts to ignore our incessant howling at and banging on the bedroom door all night were pissing her off, so she gave in and now let's us sleep in the big bed again.

Or, as we choose to believe, she simply realized we miss her so much now that she is out and about in the world again, because we got used to having her home all to ourselves for so many months. So we all sleep together in bed all night again, even though I still snore and Piggy still acts like a pig.

She's so easy to train, that one.

We are so happy. And all is good in the world.

Happy Friday!