Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Good lord!


We've been gone a long time and we owe you emails and memes and all sorts of other things and all we can say right now is we are very sorry - our mom has been hogging all the PC time working on her book, as if that is more important than what WE are doing? I mean, really.

There is so much to tell you.

For one, Grover let me snuggle him one day last week. Well, he laid on my head and fell asleep and I didn't move because it was so nice.

And I lost some weight, which doesn't thrill me, but thrills my mom and the vet. This seems to be because I've been playing a lot with my KittyTease, which I love, adore and assorted other endearments. It's fun!

What else?

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you the most important thing!

I got outside! Mom left the door open while she was bringing in groceries and I walked out. Concrete is cold on my feet, but I came down the stairs anyway.

I got yelled at when mom saw me...she was scared and mad, mostly at herself because I have learned how to turn doorknobs and she hadn't realized that...now she does. She was especially upset at me for trying to go for a walk because our friend's sweet Italian Greyhound named Walter broke free from his leash and hasn't been seen since. It's very sad...

So, on that sad note, we will be back soon and catch up with ya'll. Please forgive us for our absence.

And, please stay in the house so you don't get lost, like poor Walter. Sniff. It's no fun to get yelled at, but I did get big, giant hugs so maybe getting yelled at was worth it. Not sure...

Here is a picture of Siri laughing at me when I got yelled at. Harrumph.



P.S. Grover says hi. He also says Harrumph because I didn't let him type today.

P.P.S. Hee.