Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am very sad to report that we lost Cathy this morning.

Thank you so much for all the love and prayers and positive energy. I have passed them on to James and his family. You are a generous and wonderful bunch and I am so honored to 'know' you!

I have visions of Cathy playing with (i.e. trying to kick the crap out of - she was a feisty one!) Vito in the land of no-pain and where snow is a fun thing, not something that prevents you from getting where you need to go when you really need to get there.

No one knew that Cathy had a tumor, she was (or seemed) completely normal, healthy and Cathy-like up until the moment she wasn't. (Oh! Update 939am, I just found out the vet's final word was that Cathy did NOT have a tumor - but that she had some kind of extremely fast-growing bacterial infection...as to what caused that, I guess we will never know...she was totally normal one minute, and extremely sick the next. Sigh...life...)

Rest in peace, sweet Cathy. Your daddy is heartbroken and so are the rest of us.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Please help save Cathy.

This is Cathy, my boyfriend's cat.

He lives in Bayville, NJ, where the snow is so deep and the town so busy cleaning it up, that the streets near his house are still covered in more than two feet of snow and enormous drifts.

Cathy got sick this a.m. - vomiting, diarrhea, and is now very lethargic and barely breathing and must get to the emergency vet's, but the snow is too deep to drive, and although he's shoveled a path out of the driveway, the streets are absolutely impassable until the plows come.

He has called the city many times and, for hours, they keep saying they will get there; but they still have not gotten there and time is running out for Cathy.

Anyone with a plow near Bayville, NJ, who can come help save Cathy?


UPDATE 3:08pm - Thank you for your emails, comments and prayers! Unfortunately, the plows have still not been through so Cathy is still not at the vet. The emergency vet people are being awesome and are calling him periodically to see how Cathy is doing - they think she has an obstruction and may need surgery...so, hopefully James can get her to the vet soon...we shall see...

UPDATE 7:30pm - After hours of digging-out attempts, James' mother's detective work tracked down the mayor's home phone number, she called and let him know how poor town management is killing Cathy because they can't get to the emergency vet...and how much she donates to PETA, the ASPCA and The Humane Society...and what she would do if he didn't get the streets plowed NOW, he got the 'hint' and sent a plow immediately. Amazing! See, Bayville, it CAN be done! They are now at the animal hospital...but the vet thinks it may be too late to save Cathy...still don't know what's wrong with her, but she is extremely dehydrated with very low blood pressure. Thanks so much for all the love and prayers!

UPDATE 11:30pm - The vets believe that Cathy had a malignant tumor that burst. They are keeping her as comfortable as possible...she more than likely won't make it through the night, but we're so thankful she got to the hospital and is getting the best possible care and at least a chance. Thank you, again, for all the emails, comments, love and prayers. Y'all are such an amazing group and I so appreciate you! OXO

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Short Wintery Tale

Grover investigates the first snowball of the season.

Unimpressed by the first snowball of the season, Grover knocks it to the floor.

Unimpressed by Grover's fury, the first snowball of the season gets its revenge.

The End