Tuesday, November 30, 2004


It's Grover.

Listen, if you sniff a piece of cotton, sometimes it sticks to your nose and you can't get it off and you run around shaking your head like crazy and you bump into a wall and fall and then you bite and scratch your mom when she tries to hold you still to pull the piece of cotton off your nose and then you run away and you are breathing so heavy now you almost inhale the piece of cotton and you start snorting and finally your mom grabs you and pulls the cotton off your nose and puts you back on the floor.

I'm just sayin'.



Tuesday, November 23, 2004


It's Grover.

Listen, I am not the one who made the pillow cases all dirty and smudgy.

That was Piggy.

He does not know how to leave the litterbox with a clean butt.

I do.

Piggy = Dirty Butt.

Grover = Clean Butt.

It was NOT me who dirtied the bed!




Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I like to sit on the stove, especially when something is cooking and it's all warm and cozy and what not.

I particularly like it when the tea pot is full of water that is boiling and steam is pouring out the spout. I put my face right there with my chin high in the air and I just LOVE it!

I do not understand why my mom makes me stop. I haven't gotten burned yet, but she keeps saying I will if I don't cut it out.

She has NO idea what she's talking about or how good it feels to have steam on my face or how mad I get when she makes me stop!


Friday, November 12, 2004

Yo, mom!

It's insulting to say as you clean our litterbox, "Ewwww! What the fuck have you cats been eating??????"

Thank you.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Week in review thus far.

One little black pottery bowl from Istanbul. Broken.

One little cream colored handmade bowl from a potter in New Jersey. Broken.

One white coffee cup. Broken.

I'd say it's been a pretty productive week and it's only Thursday.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

The best time to express your love is at 3:00 in the morning.

And, the best way to express your love is by purring.


At 3:00 in the morning, the house is very quite so your purrs sound extra loud, even though they already sound like an idling Mac truck to start with.

Make sure you also pat your mom on her face with your paws every three minutes or so, just when you think she's fallen back to sleep.

Alternate that with licks on her eyelashes.

Ignore her when she says, "Piggy! Go to sleep!" and tries to hold you close.

Do not be fooled by her affection. She is just trying to contain your exuberance.

Keep purring and patting and licking her.

She will appreciate being shown just how very much you adore her.