Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If You Can't Take The Heat, Get Out Of The Apartment...


It's Grover. Listen, last night at 3am the heat came on full blast and we couldn't turn it off and my mom had to put the air conditioners on and it's still about 110 degrees in here and, although I like heat and all, I've got PLUSH, WOOLLY FUR and 110 is just a wee tad too BALMY for me, OK? And I could really do without laying next to Pig and getting swine sweat all over me.

So, mom, get us a new apartment. Stat. Or I'm taking the pink one and heading for Alaska. I hear that aurora borealis is really something to see...



Friday, April 2, 2010

Probably a good thing I do not have human children...

If you ever hear your cats running back and forth from the bathroom to the living room over and over and over, all the while making an odd crinkling sound...and then one of your cats jumps in your lap and his paws are wet, and the other one is sitting there looking at you with an odd(er than usual) expression on his face, it pays to investigate.

Dudes, really?!?