Monday, August 3, 2009



Yup, it's Grover here, long time no see! Listen, we thank you so much for your emails. We so appreciate it! We will be back soon...promise!

In the meantime, we wanted to check in and let you know that yesterday we acquired a little brother and we named him Don Vito Curlyone...we picked that name because one, he survived a hit on his life as you will read below, two because he has a chest full of curly hair, and three because he has a rather commanding presence for one so young.

He's a Devon Rex, just like me (though I think he's rather a mutant Devon Rex), about 6 months old, and was found at the World Trade Center site doused in gasoline. Angela from the Devon Rescue contacted our mom because she has a Devon already, ME! At first, our mom did not want another cat because she feels 3 cats in a New York City apartment pushes her over the line into Crazy Cat Lady territory, but when she met him in person, she folded. What a wuss!

Piggy and I gave him a few stare downs and hisses but mostly we're like 'yeah, whatever' and he's the same, though I must admit (though I really don't want to!) that we kind of like the weird little thing and we think it's kind of cool to have him around. It keeps Piggy away from me a little, and I think when Piggy warms up to him for real it will give Piggy a playmate and I can just be a snuggle cat with my mom like I want to be without that potato-smelling beast trying to gallump me all day. Hooray!

Vito, as we're calling him for short, has paws bigger than his head and the meow of a Siamese, which had us all nonplussed at first, thinking he was hurt in some way when we heard what sounded like an evil baby in the living room, but it's just the way he talks. Mom is a bit apprehensive that he's going to grow as big as a Bobcat, which we think he looks like anyway, but we shall see!

So, we are proud to introduce him to y'all! More soon!



P.S. Hi, it's Piggy. Listen, I'm doing very well health-wise and take my meds every day. I gained some weight and am pretty much back to my usual self. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes - they helped!! I slept on my super special blanket on the couch last night, like I always do, and I let Vito sleep a few feet from me. I let him play with my crinkle ball, too, but I did not play with him because I am still checking him out and I don't want him to be all confident that I like him or anything. I'm the boss of him and he needs to know that. I did let him sniff my butt for a second though, before I hissed him away. He's kind of cute. Not as cute as me, of course, but I think I'll let him stay...I think... Luv, Piggy