Monday, May 12, 2003

OK, there is this thing on the windowsill. It doesn't look like me or Grover. It is ugly.

It sits on the windowsill right outside where me and Grover are watching him. Well, I'm watching him, Grover is sort of peeking at him from around the curtain, being all stealth and what-not. Actually, he's a lot better at that than I am - I think because he's black and small and I'm big and pink.

Anyway, so this thing pretends it doesn't even notice us. But, if I move a little bit or hit the window, he flies away to the windowsill across the ally and ignores us from over there! Grover gets mad when I do this. He said if I just sit very still and act like he does, we might have a chance of catching it. Oh yeah, it's a pigeon. That's what Grover said. A pigeon.

I want it!

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