Monday, May 12, 2003

Mom is going to be pissed, but this is NOT my fault.
Grover was up on the refrigerator and I was trying to get up there with him to see what he was doing. He's always trying to get to places I can't get to. He likes to be alone or something. He wouldn't let me come up, so I had to start swatting at him and somehow the entire cannister of sugar fell off the top of the fridge and onto the floor.
Some of the sugar is on the stove, too. It felt funny on my feet when I walked through it.
It's kind of messy but very fun! I played around in it a little bit - you can sort of throw it across the floor! And, it all kind of stuck to where I knocked over the water this morning. I ate some. It's good! But now my face is sticky and I feel a little sick so I'm going to take a nap.
Grover looks funny with white sugar in his black fur.