Sunday, May 11, 2003

My name is Piglet and I'm a Sphynx.

Yes, I am bald. But I'm supposed to be.

Mom says I can sometimes be a bully because I like to kick Grover's ass. I also like to jump on top of him when he's eating or drinking. It's funny!

I'm five year's younger than him (I won't even be a year old until the summer), but I outweigh him by nearly ten pounds. I'm solid muscle, too, but I have the perfect breed standard pot-belly (because I'm supposed to).

Anyway, so I like to try and beat up Grover but I'm really just wanting to play and he refuses to play with me. Instead, he gets pissed off and then I run away and he chases me. So then I'll chase him and inevitably we'll knock our water bowl over or knock something off the table and mom gets pissed and Mr. Black comes out. He's a squirt bottle and he means trouble.

Neither one of us like Mr. Black. He's mean and he makes us wet. It's highly insulting and afterwards we have to give ourselves baths to get the water off.

Sometimes we don't care if Mr. Black comes out and we still run around like freaking maniacs. Then mom gets pissed and puts us in her bedroom and that is the end of that.

Usually, Grover will try to blame me for getting us in trouble. But it's really all his fault because he won't play with me. Grover will go by the bedroom door and meow to get mommy's attention. She'll sometimes meow back and then Grover and I look at one another and roll our eyes.

Well, I hear mommy coming so I have to get off the computer now. I'm just going to jump on top of the monitor and go to sleep like usual. It's nice and warm up there. I'm glad Grover's not up there...I'm not in the mood for a fight right now.

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