Monday, February 1, 2010

Just A Silly Thyroid Issue

This is a picture of Vito that his rescue angel took and sent to us when he was found and they brought him to a pet store and called him "George".


It's Grover. Listen, Piggy, as always, has blood results that aren't normal, but he's always that way and, like his vet says, "That's just the Pig!", the only part we're going to pay attention to is that Piggy has an easily-dealt-with thyroid issue! No biggie said the Piggy. So now he'll be on more meds 2 times a day (on top of the meds he already takes 2 times a day for IBD and his heart) and that will be that.

The vet suggested a $1,900 iodine treatment that would cure the hyperthyroidism, but we're still paying off Vito's vet bills so, for now, that will have to wait. More so, considering the IBD seems to be advancing AND he's got a wonky heart, my mom doesn't think it's fair to Piggy to stick him in isolation for ten days while the iodine does its thing, etc., etc. He HATES being out of his house and gets traumatized each time he has to go to the, we'll think about this 'cure' at a later date.

He will start his meds today and he goes back to the vet in two weeks for more bloodwork to make sure the meds are doing their thing. And he goes to his cardiologist in two weeks, too, because the hyperthyroidism apparently can affect the heart as well.

Last night, a heat pipe burst in the apartment above ours and water cascaded down our living room walls and it was 110 degrees in the apartment and me and Piggy loved it! Our very own sauna! We drank some water from the floor but the maintenance people came and vacuumed it all up and stuff so then we had to drink water from our bowls and the bottom of the tub as per usual. Harrumph. Piggy tried to drink from the toilet because mom left the lid up and he got yelled at.

Ha ha, Piggy! Mom must not be so worried about your health right now because you are getting yelled at again! Sucker!




Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sounds like a real mess to get a sauna!

Now that this has been found, hope the meds will help Piggy.

The Meezers and Billy said...

oh Piggy, taking more meds is not fun! but we hopes that it will make you better. I hates going to the v-e-t too and the v-e-t wanted me to haf a $1000 MRI to see if I has a brain leshun that is causing my vestibular prollem. The mom askded the v-e-t if it would cure me and the v-e-t saided "no" and she askded if there was a cure and the v-e-t saided "maybe brain surgery" and the mom said "on a maybe, then NO". She sees no point in traumatising me more than necessary. So our moms are alike in that and that's a good thing

CHo Meir said...

what is it about Sphynx-es and Toilet water? Moshe does the same thing, silly naked cat!

Daisy said...

Ah, thanks for sharing the picture of Vito!

I'm glad Piggy's new issue is easily treatable. I laughed when I read "That's just the Pig"! What a funny vet.

Hope the water is all cleaned up now!

Brandi Reynolds said...

and I thought only dogs drank from the toilet...piggy is such an odd duck ;-)

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh, we are so happy to hear that Pig has a medical problem that will respond to treatment! Hip Hip Hooray! Our mewmie said lots of Hyper T cats are patients at the cat vet where she works and most respond well to taking Methimazole.

Some cats will be nauseous on the oral meds, and some will have a reaction where their skin breaks out in a rash on their face, but most do well on it and their thyroid levels get back to normal.

The medication can be compounded into a transdermal gel that is applied to the inner ear flap and then it bypasses the stomach and is sometimes tolerated better by those cats whose tummies are upset by the oral form.

Here's some links to info on Hyperthyroidism:

Junior and Orion said...

Oh is just not being very nice to you is it. But it sounds like you are taking it in stride. We will be purring for your new meds to help you out!

We have had water spewing on our home before.....Meowm cussing and running to and fro....then lots of towels everywhere...and finally all the water cleaned up. We didn't like it, and Meowm REALLY didn't like it. At least someone at your house had fun with it.

Mochy aka Ms Piggy said...

I like a chicken that takes a lickin and keeps on tickin!
Love ya Pig
(You too Grover)