Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bag Piggy


It's Grover. Listen, I have no idea what the appeal is, but Piggy found his way into another plastic bag. Yes, he ripped open a tied bag of clothes that our mom had loaded up to donate to GoodWill. He just ripped it open as if that were an OK thing to do. As if that is what good cats do, just rip open bags at will and climb on in and hunker down as if the bag of clothes to donate was your own personal super-special hide-away. Like it was his honeymoon suite or something and next up is a bubble bath in some giant, gaudy champagne glass followed by an evening of cavorting and caterwauling with his betrothed. He's neutered. He really needs to get a grip.

Anyway, so we have good news here - Piggy ate something! And, even better, he didn't puke it up. The vet gave him a drug called Cerenia and it helped him feel less pukey so I didn't have to daintily step over piles of bile and partially digested food last night.

He is also going to start on another drug called Sucrolfate which should help all the erosions in his belly get coated so he can eat more and not feel sick.

That being said, I am exceedingly happy to report that Pig's illness finally, FINALLY, benefits me. Yup. My mom bought Earth's Best chicken baby food for Pig, but we BOTH got to eat some last night!! And I got to eat MORE than Piggy, which I think proves who's the favorite around here, despite all other glaring red neon signs that seemed to point to a certain stinky porcine-ish creature.

Oh my gosh, the stuff is SO good. I love it. As I am a bowl half-full sort of cat (Was that a snicker? Did you just snicker? Stop it!) I won't harp on the fact that I am certain this stuff existed for my entire life and only NOW am I being introduced to it. Instead, I will concentrate on the fact that this stuff is even better than Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and I am a very happy lamb indeed.

And now, a nap.



P.S. Pig is still in that freaking sweater. And, rumor has it that one of his fans is sending him something 'handsome' to wear. Oh someone, please make it stop.

P.P.S. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for thinking of us and helping things get better here at Grover's House with your love and prayers and good wishes.

P.P.S. Piggy just said to tell you it is NOT Grover's House, it is Piggy's House. But I think if one compares the amount of baby food I got to the amount Pig got, one could not disagree with me. Can I get an amen?


The Creek Cats said...

Piggy! We are so happy to hear you are eating and the medicines are making you feel better! Aren't bags the greatest? I can tell we have a lot in common. All the other cats in this house are super jealous because I get to eat pill pocket treats and they don't! ha!
We hope you continue to improve!! Purring for you, buddy!


Niko and Cloud said...

Cerenia worked wonders for Texas when he was going through chemo. That and Zofran worked the best, and Zofran is a bit cheaper than Cerenia, so you might ask the V-E-T about that too.

Piggy, we hope you keep feeling better!

Annie said...

So happy to hear that Piggy is getting better! And that Grover is now happy too with his new food :-). Hugs.

Junior and Orion said...

You are both so silly!

Now Grover, I bet you like to hide in some unusual places...don't you? Come on now, tell the truth.

Piggy-We are so glad you ate something and it stayed down!!! We will be purring for those medicines to keep wo rking for you!

Daisy said...

Hooray for nummy, nummy chicken baby food! And hooray for Piggy eating good! And hooray for Grover for getting some delicious foods, too!

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

watch owt grover ... mi mom sed dat her cat frum a long time ago climbed into her plastik dress bag ... den she had kittenz.
dat wood be intrestin doncha think?

Cliff and Olivia said...

Dear Piggy. It's so good to hear you're feeling better. Nice of you to share your food with Grover :-) Olivia would love a bag of clothes too - super place to hide.
Sending purrs your way,
Cliff and Olivia

C Meir said...

Maus & Jake are very glad to hear Piggy was able to hold it in and not puke it up. And for Grover, there is just nothing better than old clothes with mommy smell on them. You alta' take a dare sometime and go for it!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh, bags of clothes are almost as good as warm clothes straight out of the dryer! And Teri has to keep plastic bags in the cupboard cuz Brighton will eat good!

Mr. Black said...

Hi Piggy and Grover--
It is nice to meet you. I really like your blog and will be back soon to read more!

The Meezers said...

PIGGY!!! YAY for the eating!!!!!! we are so very happy that you're not puking!!!!


PEE ESS: yeah, Miles knows he's loved - he's just a feaking drama queen and is feeling sorry for himself - Sammy

PinkynAsh said...

Awww glad to hear he is feeling well enough to get and not get sicky. Glad to hear you got some yummy chickens food too Grover.

Elin! said...

Good to hear u are getting better Piggy!

More purrs from me to u!
U too Grover, don't sulking.

Hey guys, I have an award for u!
Go to my blog to receive it!


Karen Jo said...

Piggy, I'm very glad that you ate some food and it stayed down. I hope your medicines make you all right very soon. A bag of clothes with Mom-smell all over them makes an irresistible bed, doesn't it? I'm glad that you got a lot of yummy food, Grover.