Friday, March 26, 2010

Fishes and pine and brownies, oh my!


It's Grover.

Listen, I wanted you to see a picture of how happy and fun I was before Piggy arrived to torment me and ruin my life. This is me getting a drink of water from the fish tank 7 years ago.

We don't have a fish tank anymore. Is it a coincidence that we have a Pig but no longer have fish? Hmmm....I wonder.

I'm also wondering if any of you are allergic to your cat litter. The scent maybe?

My mom thought maybe I was, so for a few months she had been trying new litters, but my allergies didn't get any better. They've never gotten better since the day I was born, but she still keeps trying to fix them. As if I weren't perfect just as I am, constant snuffles and all? Leave well enough alone, mom, OK?

She even changed my (yes, yes, I KNOW Piggy uses the same box I do, but it's still MINE!) litter to some nasty pine stuff! I thought it was a joke! Pine? In my box? I would have NO part of it (it was worse than the one she tried that was made of newspapers!). It took her a while to realize why I refused to poop in the box every time when she had that pine or newspaper stuff in there. She's not very bright, that one.

Piggy was confounded (kind of a natural state for Piggy anyway) by the entire litter-changing episode. He'd stand outside the box and look at my mom and look back into the box and look at my mom and look back into the box and sniff sniff sniff.

I think it's pretty obvious that we LIKE our environmentally-non-friendly, perfume-y, commercial brand, hard-clumping, scoopable litter, thank you very much. Do I mess with what brand of toilet paper YOU buy? Did I ever try and make YOU use newspaper in the bathroom? I rest my case.

Anyway, so we've reached the end of the litter experiment and we are now back to our usual litter and I am now back to pooping in my box and Piggy has stopped looking like he's watching a tennis match every time he goes over there.

I still refuse to cover my poops, as always, because I'd prefer Piggy find somewhere else to go and I keep hoping my uncovered poops will deter him from going into my box. So far, no luck. He goes in there right after I do to cover it up. Fine. Be my serf, Piggy. At least you are beginning to know your proper place in this household.

Anyway, Piggy's URI is still bad and he's been on antibiotics since March 6th. He is also taking double-doses of anti-virals. Last night may have been the worst of it - he couldn't breathe through his nose at all and the Little Noses didn't help and he just slept on my mom's chest with his head nuzzled in her neck and I could just tell he was totally milking the whole Pig in Distress thing. Bitch, please! It didn't stop him from eating mass quantities and begging for more, sounding like a rooting boar the entire time!

We are thinking maybe the change back to his Prednisolone every day kicked in quickly because this a.m., after a really horrid night, he is (though still doing his Aloysius Snuffleupagus impression) breathing more easily. He didn't puke yesterday, either.

So hopefully he is on the mend and hopefully my mom has grown bored of messing with my bathroom experience and hopefully she'll leave the gluten-free, freshly-baked brownies uncovered on the counter to cool again so I can again stand partially in the pan of warm deliciousness and lick the entire top crinkly layer off of them.

But, hopefully, next time she won't catch me in the middle of doing so and I won't get yelled at and she won't throw the brownies away (WHAT A WASTE! Doesn't she know that people are starving in this world?) and, instead, I can watch her eat my cat-lick each time she takes a bite.

Wouldn't THAT be fun!?




The Meezers and Billy said...

why don't the people efur leave our bathroom stuff alone??

SuziQCat said...

Hope the pig gets to feeling better. We had a kitten one time that was terribly congested...we gave a bit of an allergy pill to help 'dry up' some of the might want to ask your vet about it with Pig.

Grover, I don't know why she threw those brownies out either. I've served cat licked brownies to guest before (without telling of course) and they were none the wiser :)

Mmmmmmochy! said...

My mom ate some Tender Vittles she thought was Craisins. Dope

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

We never had a fishy of our own! We hate pine pellet litter, are sorta ok with the clumping pine-mewmie uses it when the kittens are little as it's safe to eat--they are usually over that stage by 8 weeks and she can go back to the litter we like--Cat's Pride Natural, it's unscented and about $7 for a 20# container. None of the other kinds of Cats Pride though, just the Natural--has a green cap. The behaviorists say the scented kinds are hard on our noses and can even affect our skin on our pads.

We are sorry to hear about Piggy's continued URI problems. We make up a nose drop at work that is actually eye drops with an extra antibiotic added. Mewmie will look up the exact name tomorrow for you.