Monday, February 9, 2009

Grover, Party of One


It's Grover. Listen, finally I feel I have been shown the type of deference that the stinky pinky (i.e. Piggy) has been shown of late.

My water glass (I do not like to drink from a bowl, so I have a water glass, thank you very much. I used to like to drink from the bathroom sink but my mom never lets me any more, because she's a bitch.) sits on top of the clothes washer and now my mom put my bowl of our usual food (which Pig can't eat anymore) right next to it, rather than having my water in one place and my food in another place like it was before.

So, now I take a few laps of water, then turn my head very gentlemanly-like and I eat a few bits of food, then turn my head again and drink some more is a very civilized way to dine.

Unlike that Pig who thinks his food bits are wee hockey pucks and he takes them out of his bowl and bats them all around the apartment before he eats them. And, he's always sticking his face into his water and then snorting it out dramatically because it goes up his nose. He says this is because he doesn't have whiskers so it's hard for him to tell the level of water in his bowl.

I say he's just a slob.

Manners. That boy needs to read Letitia.




Daisy said...

Grover! You called your mom a b*tch! Hahahahaha!

It sounds like you have very fine dining manners.

The Meezers said...

Grover, you are such a gentleman

The Island Cats said...

Grover, now we know why Piggy is called Piggy....

Cliff and Olivia said...

We love the look of you two. Dining manners matters - we'll think about getting our own drinking glasses. Usually we just use the humans glasses.

Katie and Mea said...

Grover, you are a complete gentleman. You are very good to put up with his Piggy eating habits. My sister Mea sticks her paw in the water bowl every time she needs a drink as if she has to test the temperature or make sure it is really just water or maybe just to contaminate it with bits of litter..
Does he leave snots in his water?

Shana said...

Grover, do mew, by chance, sport a silk ascot and a monocle?

Christine and FAZ said...

Well done on the poops Grover. You will be pleased to hear that I pooped in the car today. You should have seen the boy human's face - anyone would think I did something really bad.

Thank you for entering our Name the Wabbit competition. We made £29 for the Hillside Animal Sanctuary the the winning name was Hopkins entered by Sunny's Mommy.