Friday, July 9, 2004

Oh my gosh! The BIGGEST THING EVER was on the wall near the ceiling!

I was napping all comfy-like on the computer monitor and this thing was so freaking gigantic it actually woke me up with the noise it made as it undulated along the wall.

It was HUGE!

My mom saw me wake up and stand up and stare (I'm sort of like a Pointer dog that way) and she screamed.

I was so excited because I thought for sure she'd let me kill it for her, but no.

She ran into the kitchen and got her camera and a big can of Raid.

I don't know if she got any good pictures of the creature, but she sprayed so much Raid that the house smells like a chemical factory.

Then she was on the floor with Clorox Bleach Wipes, picking up bug carcass and cleaning any Raid residue and telling us to stay away.

She ruined all the fun!

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