Saturday, January 31, 2009



It's Piggy.

Today at the vet we found out I have lost a 1/2 pound in one week. Normally, this would be a good thing - well, my mom and the vet would think it was a good thing if I lost some weight as they think I'm a fattie. Oh, Grover just said to tell you he thinks I'm a fattie, too.

Anyway, so normally everyone would be pleased about this weight loss but no one is. No one is pleased, either, that my lymph nodes are all gigantor and that the ones behind my legs which were fine a week ago are not fine now. Harrumph.

All this means that after midnight on Sunday I am not allowed to eat anything! Yup. Mom will drop me off at the vet for an ultrasound test on Monday at 8am and I have no idea how I will stand not eating for all those hours! That's a whole 8 hours with no food! I will starve! My stomach will growl and so will I! How could anyone survive without food for 8 whole hours?

Oh my gosh, it will be longer than 8 hours! It's just 8 hours from when my mom takes away my food bowl to when we arrive at the vet. How long will I be without food altogether? 9 hours? 10? Twenty?

That vet better give me some chow the moment he's done with that test. He just better.

Double harrumph.




Anonymous said...

Sending soothing vibes and purrayers to you, Piggy, and your family. We're hoping for the best for you...

Katie and Mea said...

Oh Piggy, I am so sorry that you're being sick - it is no fun. My mama thinks that your mom is smart for bringing you to two Vets and not just one Vet. It is good to have lots of Vets if your sick, although if you ask ME, all Vets are EVIL.
Also, I think you can survive at least 20 hours without eating, but you should demand something very scrumptious when you get home from the Vet.
Good Luck little buddy!
Katie & Mea

Karen Jo said...

Oh, Piggy, I hope that it's nothing serious. Good luck on your vet visit.

Camie's Kitties said...

Piggy, we didn't realize you were back. We missed you the entire time you were gone. Welcome back. We are purring that the vet will find what ever is wrong with you, and it is something easily fixable.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade