Friday, January 19, 2007

Frootbat Friday


It's Grover.


I've been invited to join Frootbat Friday so here is one of my favorite pictures of myself - me drinking my mom's bath water. This is why my mom can't use bubble bath anymore - it would make the water taste funny and we both know she only takes baths so that I can have a long, warm drink.

I prefer to drink from anything other than my water bowl.

I like to drink from the faucet, the toilet (this one always gets me in trouble but the water is so COLD!), any cup or glass of liquid I see lying about (mom usually leaves a glass full of water on the counter for me) and my favorite way to drink is to lick water off my mom's hands when she's washing dishes or brushing her teeth.

So, thanks for inviting me. I am honored to be a Frootbat (even though I never knew I was one before just now!).



P.S. Does Pig count as a Frootbat? I don't think so. We all know that bats have fur and Pig does not. I will be sure to tell him he can't join us.


Hi, it's Pig.

I am SO a Frootbat and here is a picture to prove it.

Just look at those EARS!

And, um, please don't stare at my bits. I was trying to cover them up with my tail. It didn't work.


Dragonheart said...

Pig is definitely a frootbat! He's a Sphynx, and most Sphynx are frootbats - just check out our breed standard (large to very large ears.)

Very cute photo Grover. That's very nice of your mom to leave a glass of water out for you!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

You are BOTH frootbats, its all in the ears my friends! I'm so happy you guys are joining in to Frootbat Friday!

Good job covering your bits Pig!


Dragonheart said...

Very cool frootbat ears Piglet! As Kaze said, nice job trying to cover your bits with your tail.

Glad to have both of you join us for Frootbat Friday. :)

Daisy said...

YAY! More frootbats!!!! Hey Grover, I LOVES to drink running water too. I drink from the water faucet all the time. And my Mommie also leaves out a little dixie cup full of water by the sink. This is in addition to my Drinkwell water fountain.

Happy Frootbat Friday to you both!

ArtsyCatsy said...

What an adorable picture! We've met a Sphynx only once - in an airport, of all places - and you are just the warmest, cuddliest, sweetest kitties ever!

The ArtsyCatsy humans

Lux said...

Yep, frootbats, I'd say!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Yep - Pig is a Frootbat! Gover should have warned you that some bits were showing...maybe Skeezix can help him find some pants!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog (referred by Lux) and it's wonderful! Keep up the good work!!


Faz the Cat said...

Dear Pig, You look like a 'street dancer' in that picture.

Dear Grover, I like running water too but dirty water is better


p.s. Pig - the tail 'nearly' hides everything

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

yes indeed, froot-bats. Fur or no fur, it's the ears that matter...

yay for froot-bat-cats!

THE ZOO said...

Hi Grover & Pig. Nicey to meat yoo. welkum ta the blogosphere. pleshure to meat yoo boff.yoo boff luk like fruitbats to us...Blade, The Zoo

Emma's Kat said...

Grover that is a cute photo of you drinking mom's bath water. But, warm water? Yuck, lol. And be nice to your brother, ok?

Pig - That pose, well...ummmm, I'm speechless. But you are definately a cute froot bat.

Dazey, Jesse & Conner Cloud said...

we luv your pictures!!


Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

Hi My name is Mu shue and I just found your blog I figered I just stop in and say hello I get in trubble for that toilet thing too has you mamma tryed the drink well foution thow a few ice ceds in and you get cold running water

Forty Paws said...

Hi Grover & Pig,
We is new to cat bloggin. Pleeze cum ofer and check us owt. We luf new furrends, and we like yur blog.
Annie here at Forty Paws lufs baf water too. She hasn't been introduced yet.
Bye Bye.

Junior said...

Grover...I like to drink out my Meowms bath water too!

Hey actually did a purrty good job of covering up your naughty bits!

I don't remember where we learned about you, but we have linkied you!

Derby said...

Piglet you certainly look rather mad in your picture. Like you are ready to attack.

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

You are definately both frootbats. And that picture of Pig is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... Pig, it looks as though you're ready to get medieval on the person who dared to photograph you in such a compromising position!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've opened up the comments section for us anonymous folk.

You have a wonderful blog. I'm so glad I found you! Great writing, Pig and Grover. And great pictures. Keep it up!!!