Friday, June 11, 2004

Yesterday it was so hot that me and Grover didn't even want to move.

Grover said we couldn't just lay here and do nothing. He thought we should protest the heat.

So, we did.

First, we knocked over the big cup of tea that mom had left undrunk on the kitchen table. It was especially fun because the white curtains had blown onto the kitchen table and they got totally soaked in the tea. Tea ran across the table and onto the chair and raced across the floor. It got really sticky later, but we kind of liked how it felt and we also liked the little sticky paw prints we left all over the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Then, we went into the studio and knocked over all the cups of pencils and pens and crayons and markers. Then we played with them, mostly knocking them under the computer desk. I made sure to chew on almost all the pencils. Tasty.

Then, we went into the living room and knocked the heart milagros off the wall.

And, of course, we kicked litter from the litter box all over the floor.

We were very tired when we were finished, but I think we got our point across because it's much cooler in here today.

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