Saturday, September 19, 2009

Make It Stop, Please...

I can't quit you.


It's Grover.

Listen, we love you all and so appreciate the love and support and prayers and good wishes you are sending our way. THANK YOU!

That picture up there is, yet again, another example of the disgusting displays of affection I am being forced to tolerate because my brothers just don't know when to quit it!

I feel like today it's more OK for me to express my distaste for the two of them because Piggy is eating and acting normal, mostly, and then he gets wonky, and then he's totally normal again, and then he's not - so, see, now I can talk sass about him and stuff without feeling guilty.

We were a little taken aback when the vet called yesterday to tell us (very kindly) that there was no need to put Piggy through any more tests or procedures, because after so much done, they won't ever be able to tell us what exactly is going on with him...(and he cannot withstand anesthesia) so, we should let Piggy be Piggy - let him eat and play and love and knock over the little rocks in the bathroom and steal Vito's food and annoy the heck out of other words, give him his meds, leave him be and what will happen will happen and that is that.

We know that death from arrhythmia would be quick and painless and would probably transpire in his sleep and there is comfort in that...sort of. And, anyway, we think he's going to outlive all of there. We have received so many emails from you folks telling us of miracle stories with your own 'doomed' babies and we are taking comfort and faith in that. Thank you.

For now, he's our little (and getting littler) pink Pig and I'm glad he finally has a friend to snuggle, because lord knows for the past seven years of his life I'd only go near him every now and again and only when no one was looking. What? You think that's mean? I can't help it - he smells like potatoes and mushrooms! What, I'm supposed to hold my breath?!




P.S. Thank you all so very, very much! Words cannot express. I am honored by your thoughts and prayers. OXO Allison (the mom of these 3)


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yep, he just might outlive us all. Or so we can hope. :)

Glad he's eating again and doing some better.

Rocky said...

Thanks for sharing Pig & Grover & Vito with us. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hoping Pig sticks around for a long long time.

Kaz's Cats said...

Awww, those two are so cute together! We're glad that Piggy gets to snuggle and generally do what he wants to do. Sending our purrs to help him hang out with you guys lots and lots for a long time yet,


Gypsy & Tasha

ML said...

Piggy is so sweet an cute, I'd snuggle wif him, too.
Love and Purrs,

♥Mimi♥ said...

I have no experience at all with this type of medical condition but wanted to tell you that we send all of our love and prayers.

Karen Jo said...

I am really glad that Piggy is feeling better today. In a way, I'm glad that the best treatment is just to let Piggy be Piggy. He will be much more comfortable that way. Grover, if you started treating him any differently, he'd probably get upset, so you just keep on being Grover, OK?

Everycat said...

Piggy and Vito, what a beautiful picture. We hope that Piggy remains Piggy for a long time and enjoys his life being loved on by his BFF Vito. We read Vito's story and were horrified, doused in gasoline! Awful, thank you for giving him such a loving home. We think Vito will do Piggy lots of good. Maybe he'll even entice Grover out of the cupboard?

Whicky Wuudler

Furkidsmom said...

We're going to send lots of loud rumbly purrs to Piggy. We just read that he was sick on the CB and wanted to come by and send our support.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Junior and Orion said...

Well damn. We are so tired of heart disease and cancer making all of our friends ill. We will be purring and purring for Piggy. We are glad that Vito loves Piggy so much and that they are spending so much time together. It is good to have a wonderful friend while you are sick.

DEBRA said...

We are keepin Piggy in our purrs and we are glad he is doin gud and we purr he will continue to do so!


Daisy said...

"I can't quit you" <--- that cracked me up!

If it makes you feel a little bit better, Pixie also got to the point where the cardiologist said there was no need to continue with the regular cardiac ultrasounds; he said there was nothing that he would really change based upon that test. And Pixie went on happily for another year after that!

momsbusy said...

you never know, piggy may outlive them all. regardless of when it happens, he has known love in its truest form. that is what we all live for. comforting purrs to your family.

y2kt & momsbusy

Poppy Q said...

We hope that Piggy gets lots of time with you all, and we know that he is lucky to have such a special mom to look after him.

What a sweet photo of the two snuggling.

Big hugs.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Awww...Broke Back Mountain Luff. Let 'em love and you just go on being have your reputation to uphold.

Your vet told us the same thing about Nani and her heart and the wonderful family that she lives with now know that every day they have with her is a treasure. They live close by and come to the vet mewmie works at, so she gets to visit with her from time to time and she is doing great.

It's hard to know that the end could come at any time, but that is how it is for all of us and because you now know what Piggys heart problem is, you know what to watch for and how to take care of him...that's all you can do and we know he is loved and happy and that makes us smile in spite of the sad news.

We love you!

SuziQCat said...

Thanks for the info about Piggy. I hope Grover will grow to love him as Vito has. My purrs are with you and Piggy, as you continue to work through his medical issues.