Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Oh my gosh! The most amazing thing has happened to me!

My brother Rocky has found me!

I know, I know, it's unbelievable. Two years after we were born and went home with our own moms, he tracked me down.

And he even forgives me for torturing him when we were kittens!

Oh, he is gorgeous! Looks just like me, but is only half my size (I can't help it, I'm big boned!). Also, I have a dark patch on the tip of my nose and he has a dark patch to the right of his instead.

Oh, I wish you could see him - he is so very cute. His mom is named Lisa and he has her wrapped around his little paw just like I have my mom wrapped around mine. These humans, such suckers!

And, guess what?

He wears CLOTHES. I'm serious. I saw him in a Hawaiian shirt and in a costume. He told me he was rather embarrassed by it and from the look on his face (that same look of utter disdain I give my mom after she wipes my butt with baby wipes) I'd say he was telling the truth. But he looks awfully adorable!

I also saw him sitting on Santa's lap.

I wonder if Santa brought him presents?

Suddenly I'm thinking I may have been given to the wrong mom...