Thursday, November 20, 2003

So, we have a new couch. It's great. Since we moved here we've been laying on the floor to watch TV. That was fun too because we could do flying leaps at mom if she wasn't paying attention.

But the couch is great and we're all happy. Grover likes to scratch at it and I think that's pretty fun, too. It's like a big giant scratching post! Mom keeps squirting us but that just adds to the fun.

Now it's all covered up with different blankets and what not. We still scratch it though. Especially when mom isn't home. Like right now.

I like to scratch my scratching post and then the couch to really fine tune my nails. Grover taught me that.

What does, "I will kick both your little asses if you scratch that fucking couch one more time!" mean? Mom keeps saying it, but I really don't get it...

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